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Date: 13 October 2014
Author: Robert Okoroafor

Importing Orders

Importing is based on mappings, this allows for importing different data for each customer.
The movie below demonstrates how to configure imports.

Mapping Data Type Description
OrderNumber Alpha-Numeric Unique to a customer to identify an order item.
ServiceType Alpha-Numeric
Collection.Booked Date Collection date.
Collection.Address.Code Alpha-Numeric Unique text to identify a customer addressbook item.
Collection.Address.Name Alpha-Numeric The company name,
Collection.Address.Street Alpha-Numeric
Collection.Address.Town Alpha-Numeric
Collection.Address.Postcode Alpha-Numeric
Collection.Ref Alpha-Numeric Customer's customer ordernumber for collections or the access code for delivery.
Collection.Address.Phone Alpha-Numeric
Delivery.Booked Alpha-Numeric
Delivery.BookedTime Alpha-Numeric
Delivery.LatestTime Alpha-Numeric
Delivery.Address.Code Alpha-Numeric
Delivery.Address.Name Alpha-Numeric
Delivery.Address.Street Alpha-Numeric
Delivery.Address.Town Alpha-Numeric
Delivery.Address.Postcode Alpha-Numeric
Delivery.Ref Alpha-Numeric
Delivery.Address.Phone Alpha-Numeric
Special Alpha-Numeric
Cost.Units Alpha-Numeric
Cost.Description Alpha-Numeric
Reference Alpha-Numeric
CD Alpha-Numeric
Stock.Weight Alpha-Numeric
Stock.Cube Alpha-Numeric
Stock.Type Alpha-Numeric
StockType.###StockType### Alpha-Numeric
StockType.###StockType###.AndCube Alpha-Numeric